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Publikováno: 26.09.2023

Starting September actively

Two events took place in September. We took part in several years of the Education Fair in Boskovice and we organized a company barbecue for our employees.

On 20 September, another year of the Education Fair for primary school students took place in Boskovice, where, apart from secondary schools, local companies also present themselves. We were quite surprised by how many people have fixed that COLOR produces paints. Well, we would like to disprove that statement. Hopefully, our presentation on painting parts for Porsches and Airbus was at least a little successful! We wish all the students the best of luck in choosing their next stage in life and maybe one day we will meet you here at COLORprofi. :-)

We traditionally hosted a company barbecue for our employees - a small Friday get-together over good food and drink. We hope everyone enjoyed it and met new colleagues from other divisions.

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