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Publikováno: 25.04.2022

New warehouse layout

In the previous weeks, COLORprofi Automotive changed the layout of the warehouse in hall C6. With this change, we optimized the existing space and made better use of the free space left over from the sister company COLORplastic.

Thanks to the better use of space, we not only increased the number of pallet spaces from 1,581 to 2,784, thus increasing the capacity of the warehouse, but also found space for a future assembly area, which will house 8 assembly machines, most of them for the Porsche Macan project.

In the warehouse we use two forklifts with induction equipment, which should simplify the work of warehouse workers.

Following the changes to the internal warehouse C6, the plan for the expansion of the outdoor warehouse follows. This plan will take place this or next year and it will be combined with a renovation of the Automotive buildings. They will be given a new look to unify their appearance with the other COLORprofi holding companies.

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