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Publikováno: 14.07.2022

COLORplastic optimizes warehouse spaces

Like most companies, we are constantly dealing with a lack of warehouse space. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, the Plastic division decided to install a LRK 250 lift stacker from the Jungheinrich company.

This modern equipment is udes for storing samples, measuring devices, sampling heads and other less bulky items.

The machine works on the principle of vertically rotating shelves, which allows a large number of different items to be stored in a relatively small space. In our stacker, 60 shelves rotate in this way, each with a load capacity of up to 260 kg and a stacking area of almost 2.5 m2. The stacking height varies according to our needs between 150-300 mm.

The management of the machine is very simple, so the operator can easily call up exactly the shelf they require, making it more efficient to handle items that would otherwise be stored in a conventional storage rack.

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