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Publikováno: 17.05.2022

Collaborative robot aka cobot

The COLORprofi Industry company became interested in automating the grinding process almost two years ago. After attending several trade shows and approaching companies involved in automation, we found a collaborative robot to be the best solution.

Collaborative robots have been a trend for the last few years. Slowly but surely, they are replacing their predecessors and starting to work side by side with employees in industries ranging from automotive to food processing.

There are differences between traditional robots and newer cobots. For us the most important are:

  •     Return on investment: the average payback time is less than half a year, mainly because of the speed, ease of programming and flexibility.

  •     Speed of implementation: the cobot can be up and running in one or two working days, without the need of complex programming.

  •     Control: the simplicity of programming collaborative robots makes them easy to operate.

And now specifically to our new little "colleague":

The collaborative six-axis robot has an integrated smart camera system, unrivalled repeatability from ±0.05 mm and an intuitive set-up.

  •   Arm reach: 1300 mm

  •   Load capacity: 12 kg

  •   Weight of the robot itself: 33.3 kg

  •   Weight incl. UMS (Universal Mobile Stand) and accessories: approx. 200 kg

Equipped by the company On robot

Kolaborativní robot neboli kobot

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