Zpět na výpis novinek

Publikováno: 02.11.2022

Halloween at the castle

On November 1, we went with our employees and their families to Boskovice Castle as part of a teambuilding event, where we spent a great afternoon and celebrated Halloween with full fun!

All the ghosts and creatures met at the parking lot of the Pod Zámkem Restaurant. From there we walked together to the castle. We followed the footsteps of the ghost of the famous guardian of the castle, whom we did not see or hear along the way, but we found him right at the castle.

There was a fire, sausages, punch and tea waiting for us. We finished the whole event with a trail of courage right in the core of the castle. We have to say that a lot of brave children went with us because they were not afraid at all, they followed the lights and found the ghost of the famous guardian. :-)

Thank you all for participating and we look forward to the next time!

Halloween na hradě

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