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Publikováno: 29.11.2023

Company events continue

Do you prefer Halloween or Christmas? We like both! That's why we celebrated it properly with our employees!

On 1st November we repeated our hike to the Boskovice castle on Halloween, connected with the rescue of the white lady and roasting of the sausages. This time there was a bigger turnout, which we are very happy about and we have a reason to continue with such nice events.

The main event before the end of the year is already behind us. The Christmas party was a great success and we hope that everyone involved enjoyed it to the max. The atmosphere was lively, Christmassy, the raffle was rich and the announcements were a lot of fun. In total we managed to please 45 winners and hopefully the others will be lucky next time. The dance floor was full until the late hours. Thanks again for a great evening!

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