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Publikováno: 22.06.2022

30th anniversary of COLORprofi

The holding company COLORprofi celebrates its 30th birthday this year! Since 1992, it has expanded its activities into the rail, aerospace, automotive and now also the bicycle industry. Our products can be found all over the world.

The 30th anniversary celebration took place on Saturday 18.6. and it went great for us! We believe that both children and adults enjoyed our open day full of fun, good food and music. Thank you so much for the great turnout!

On the occasion of Saturday's celebrations, our youngest division COLORprofi Fiber presented to the public its new brand COLO and its first product - a sports stroller and trailler, the lightest on the market! COLO-R1 - a revolutionary carbon vehicle for cyclists, inline skaters, passionate runners and mountain hikers.

As the holding company, we are proud that we can invent, develop and hand make such a unique product here in Boskovice!


COLORprofi slaví 30 let

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