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Publikováno: 21.09.2021

Construction of photovoltaics

At the beginning of summer 2021, we managed to successfully complete another investment project, namely the construction of a new photovoltaic power plant at the COLORprofi Automtoive division. The plant has an installed capacity of 249.38 kWp and the most modern technologies available were used in its installation. Half of the solar panels are oriented eastwards and the other half westwards. This orientation ensures maximum energy use for the company's own operations. Unlike conventional investments such as construction of buildings, acquisition of new machinery and other technologies, FTVE will contribute not only to the economic development of the company and its partial energy independence, but also to the improvement of the environment, which is part of the company-wide environmental policy.

Main environmental benefits:

  • Estimated annual CO2 savings of approx. 225 tonnes
  • The solar panels are located on the roof of the plant, thus avoiding the occupation of agricultural land
  • The solar panel technology is fully recyclable and will be reused in production at the end of its life
  • The amount of harmful emissions into the air will decrease

We are glad that we are moving in the right direction and now there is nothing to do but wish for as few clouds in the sky as possible. :)

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