Manual painting

  • Painting box ECO AIR, KGP 7,00, drying box Hungaro Therm
  • Painting box TECA, drying box TECA (max 85°C)
  • Painting box AGRO-ECO, drying box AGRO-ECO. (max 85 °C)
  • SATA Jet 3000 HVLP, SATA Jet 3000 RP - low pressure system
  • Ransburg Aircombi - electrostatic, high pressure system
  • Power and Free conveyor
  • 3-steps system of the parts pre-treatment
  • AS9100

Robotic painting

  • Technology AFOTEK GmbH – Painting,  volatilizations and drying box
  • The painting robot ABB - IRB - a six-axis
  • Colour-economy - ITW Automotive Finisching – L.I.T.
  • Power and Free conveyor
  • 4-steps pre-treatment system of components 

Moulding of plastic

  • Technology ENGEL - maximum clamping force is 5.500 kN
  • The machines are equipped with robots for handling
  • Part of the machines is a complete equipment for the production of visual and nonvisual parts
  • Materials Processing - PP, ABS, and the materials with a high glass content
  • 3-D measuring system Mitutoyo
  • 3-D data – System Catia V5

Colors in hands
of professionals