Sophisticated corporate strategy is an essential part of our business. It helps us to obtain an advantage in comparison with the competition, a good reputation with existing and new customers and consolidate a stable position in the market.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to deliver customers flawlessly painted part, to the required quality, guaranteed price, and all these within the agreed deadline.

Open communication with the customers helps to avoid confusion and shows the way for further co-development. We esteem that commitment to the customer is not just working, but also the personal responsibility of each employee.

Manufacturing strategy

We constantly improve the production efficiency, quality of the supplied products and services, on-time delivery.

We constantly work on ourselves, we try to offer more than the standard and be always one step forward. We learn from each other. We bring and implement new ideas. We constantly improve our system of work, bring new knowledge and experience, we invest in the latest technologies and implement innovative projects. We gain a competitive advantage with regard to the capacity and manufacturing capabilities of the organization.

Personnel strategy

We advocate the principle that only an employee who is proud of his company, becoming its benefits. Such employee builds up a good reputation of the company even behind the gates of the company. By the loyalty understand we the willingness to stand for the leadership and be supportive to the colleagues.

We believe in the power of teamwork and the utilization of synergy and the company potential. With the competition and problems more easily and effectively "fighting" in a team that cooperates, exchanges knowledge, experiences and processes.

The high qualification of staff, their experience in the branch and continuing education guarantee quality of provided services.


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