Automotive painting

We specialize in the surface treatment by wet painting, above all in the automotive and rail industries.
Our production technology allows the application of all possibilities painting of metal and non-metal surfaces according to the customer requirements and comply with the demanding technical specifications. Our products meet the high quality requirements that are imposed in the automotive industry.
A workplace for surface pre-treatment of parts prior to painting plays an important role here. Thoroughly executed pre-treatment (3-steps system in manual operations, 4-steps system in robotic paint shop), is the basis of the quality final surface and the achievement of the required quality of surface treatment, e.g. as a good adhesion, mechanical resistance and hardness.

Robotic painting

Robotic paint shop is focused on painting of exterior and interior plastic parts for the automotive industry, which requires the painting of the large series with the guarantee of the stability of the individual processes.
Robotic wet painting room for painting solvent-based, but also waterborne top paints is equipped with painting technology AFOTEK – painting cabin with air-conditioned temperature control and humidity, volatilization and drying box, painting robot ABB, colour economy Lotttman, conveyor system Power and Free.

The company COLORprofi s.r.o. is a subcontractor for automotive groups, such as VOLKSWAGEN GROUP,  AUDI , ŠKODA, OPEL, SUZUKI, CITROEN, PEGUEOT, TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER

Manual painting

The advantage of manual painting is the flexibility, the possibility of painting various size and  shape demanding parts, in small and large series.
These plants are equipped with painting boxes with an air-conditioned temperature control and humidity of the incoming air, drying boxes, the preparatory rooms for grinding and filling and sophisticated conveyor system Power and Free.

The main product of the hand-paint shop is the painting of the parts for rail vehicles, especially door leaves. These projects are specific to the individual needs of the individual producers of rail vehicles. In the area of the rail industry, the company cooperates with the companies Bombardier, Knorr Bremse, IFE-CR, Siemens, Alstom.



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